Nativo, Florena, Rivolli, Franco
Hinta: 29,00€

78 Arcana with divinatory instructions.

Mark McElroy
Hinta: 39,00€

The Tarot of the Elves reveals the powerful myths that shaped Elven society. Unlike decks merely illustrated with Elves, the Tarot of the Elves positions itself as the deck the Elves consulted - a relic from the Elven Golden Age.

The Major...

Dhyan Manik
Hinta: 19,50€

Tarotkortit ovat kuin sisäisiä karttoja, joiden avulla voimme oppia paremmin tiedostamaan piilevät voimavaramme. Opaskirja Rieder Whyte tarot-kortteihin 107 s.-Sidottu

Tero Hynynen
Hinta: 0,00€

Jokaisen tarot-tulkitsijan paras apuväline.

Tarot-pöytä on A2-kokoinen tukevalle paperille painettu, suomenkielinen Tarot-tulkinnan opas.Pöydän kuvio on suosittu Kelttiläinen risti, jonka jokaisen kortin tulkinnat on ohjeistettu paikka...

Ziegler, Gerd
Hinta: 10,93€

95 s.

Hynynen, Airi, Hynynen, Tero
Hinta: 30,00€

Tero Hynysen ja Airi Ojan luomat "jokapäiväiset tarotit". "Täyden elämän tarot (2015) on Airi Ojan (Numerologiaa rautalangasta -kirja) ja Tero Hynysen (Opas viisauteen -dvd) yhteisprojekti. 78 tarot-korttia pohjautuvat olemassaolleisiin...

Hinta: 30,00€

Tero Hynysen ja Airi Ojan luomat "jokapäiväiset tarotit". "Täyden elämän tarot (2015) on Airi Ojan (Numerologiaa rautalangasta -kirja) ja Tero Hynysen (Opas viisauteen -dvd) yhteisprojekti. 78 tarot-korttia pohjautuvat olemassaolleisiin...

Cooper, Diana
Hinta: 22,00€

Diana Cooperin ihanat teinikortit, ENGLANNINKIELISET, 52 kpl. A Friend for teens who will never desert or hurt, who shares yours ups and downs. Love yourself. Do your best. Be yourself.... why not let angels help you? Illustrations are teenage-...

Chester, Allen
Hinta: 39,00€

79 Card Templar Tarot Deck and Instruction booklet.

Courtenay-Peto, Keith, Courtenay-Peto, Daicon
Hinta: 46,00€

78 stunning beautiful masterpieces of interwoven symbolism and creative artistry of colour and design to stimulate original thought and enhance readings.

Gendron, Melanie
Hinta: 22,00€

The Gendron Tarot not only provides a gallery of beautiful provocative visions, it satisfies the soul's longing to become more. It is a truly inspiring tool for self-knowledge and empowerment.

I am that which emanates beauty and all manner...

Kris Waldherr
Hinta: 28,00€

Drawing inspiration from goddesses honored throughout history, award-winning author and artist Kris Waldherr has created an essential tool of empowerment and transformation for women everywhere.The Goddess Tarot uses goddess stories and imagery...

Hicks, Esther, Hicks, Jerry
Hinta: 25,00€

This card deck by Esther & Jerry Hicks presents the teachings of the Non-Physical entity Abraham in the form of these beautifully illustrated cards. By using these cards you will learn how all things, wanted and unwanted, are brought to you...

Delaford Taylor, June, Vijayam, Munoj
Hinta: 25,00€

The pack can be dipped into for instant inspiration as each card contains one idea with the text beautifully supported by well-chosen artwork. This allows the mind to ‘key in’ to the truth via both text and imagery – a very powerful way of...

Orloff, Judith
Hinta: 22,00€

52 cards as oracles to empower your choices and relationships. Instruction booklet and cards.


Virtue, Doreen
Hinta: 25,00€

The Romance Angels are a group of cherubic angels who are focused upon all things love related. Anyone can call upon these beings, and they're able to help unlimited numbers of people simultaneously.

This beautifully illustrated card deck...

Hinta: 22,00€

With this enchanting 44-card deck, your higher self will deliver you soulful wisdom and guidance so that you'll know the right choices to make in your life and how to live as a spiritual being in this physical world. By performing a 'soul spread...

Hinta: 29,00€

The purpose of this game is to enable players to be guided and feel supported to reach a specific goal by connecting to divine energy via the unicorns. Players need to be willing and ready to heal physical hurts, emotional traumas and spiritual...

Aleister Crowley
Hinta: 22,00€

This magnificent 78-card tarot deck contains kabbalistic and attrological attributions as described in Aleister Crowley`s The Booka of Thoth.

Hinta: 9,50€

Tiny tarot cards, just lovely! Pikkuruiset Waite tarotit, söpöt söpöt 3x4 cm.

Inner Links, Inc.
Hinta: 98,00€

Mirroring life with accuracy, the game moves gracefully to the heart of any issue bringing insight, clarity and resolution. Ask if available! eranova@eranova.fi

Lo Scarabeo
Hinta: 26,00€

The Goddess, whose Divine nature is the expression of the Female concept, is the centre of Pagan and Wiccan spirituality. Her symbol is the Moon, as seen in her many different phases: waxing, full and waning. This reflects the different stages of...

Choquette, Sonia
Hinta: 22,00€

This powerful card deck is designed to activate your psychic voice and show you how to live the six-sensory life. These 52 cards will give you access to your Divine support system and deepen your connection to God, your Higher Self, and spirit...

Cooper Diana , Keenan Damian
Hinta: 25,00€

ENGLANNINKIELISET. 44 valloittavaa korttia Diana Cooperin ja Damian Keenanin yhteistyönä. Jokaisen kortin kuvat puhuvat puolestaan, ja niissä on jokaisessa teksti. Syvällisempi, pitempi selitys löytyy pienestä mukana seuraavasta 28-sivuisesta...

Hinta: 24,00€

The serene Universal Waite Tarot is perfect for meditation and readings. The deck is a soothing, eye-appealing complement to the traditional Rider-Waite deck. The drawings of Pamela Colman Smith have been beautifully recolored by Mary Hanson-...