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Dalai Lama
Hinta: 16,00€

This inspirational collection brings together the Dalai Lama

Burton Watson (translation)
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Pert, Camdace
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Candace Pert

Hay, Louise L.
Hinta: 22,00€

In this delightful book, Louise L. Hay discusses the power and importance of affirmations and shows you how to apply them right now!

Louise explains that when you state an affirmation, you

Hand Clow, Barbara
Hinta: 19,00€

Vol 1 of The Mind Chronicles / 218 pages - Bear & Co 1986

Marciniak, Barbara
Hinta: 22,50€

Barbara Marciniak is channeling new information fronm the Pleiades to guide in surviving, helping ourselves and each other as members of the family of light. She also offers »tools for survival» for the crucial period.

Mackail, Davina
Hinta: 15,00€

Selkeä opas feng shuin filosofiasta ja siitä, miten käyttää sen viisautta kodin harmonisoimisessa ja elämäsi muuttamisessa.

This book explores:

- how to cultivate the invisible energies in your home for health, wealth and happiness...

Sandifer, Jon
Hinta: 21,00€

9 Ki:n järjestelmä on vailla vertaansa oleva järjestelmä, jolla voit muuttaa elämäsi lopullisesti

9 Star Ki is one of the oldest forms of astrology in the world. Based on the I Ching, it is an important part of the traditional teaching of...

Divina Mackail
Hinta: 15,00€

A clear and accessible guide to the hugely popular philosophy of feng shui and how you can use its wisdom to harmonize your homeand transform your life.

This book explores:

- how to cultivate the invisible energies in your home for...

Lynne McTaggart
Hinta: 19,80€

This important book stretches the imagination... We are on the verge of another revolution in our understanding of the universe ...says Arthur C. Clarke

Lynne McTaggart's book is a highly readable scientific detective story which reveals...

Coelho. Paulo
Hinta: 17,60€

A gripping and moving story of how one man, 23-year-old Elijah, can surmount tradgey and inspire a war-torn city to rebuild itself. S.245 - Harper Collins -Pocket

Vianna Stibal
Hinta: 23,00€

Soul mates are not hard to find.? A compatible soul mate will flow with you. You will mesh with that individual with little or no friction.

Many of us are born into this world with the feeling and knowing of what being loved by another...

Doreen Virtue, Robert Reeves
Hinta: 22,50€

“Flower Therapy” is the art of working with flowers, flower essences, and angels for healing, manifestation, and abundance. With flowers as your allies, your dreams really can come true, and you’ll see that nature truly has the ability to heal!...

Linn, Denise
Hinta: 20,00€

How to heal your past and create positive future. This books was publishded before with the name Descendants in UK and Sacred Legacies in USA. It takes only a single breakthrough to restructure you personal history in order to heal you family...

Walsch, Neale Donald
Hinta: 15,98€

Once you have become clear that we are always in conversations... and as we listen and respond, as we ask and receive, our bonds with God are strengthened. Our conversation, over time, will deepen into a friendship, a closer connection, richer...

Keil, David
Hinta: 34,00€

This book enables both the casual reader and the seasoned practitioner to understand and implement the anatomical structure and function of the body in yoga. Written with a conversational tone, the book delivers the complex subject of human...

Dyer, Wayne
Hinta: 15,00€

Making Conscious Contact with God Through Meditation

The practice of meditation takes us on a fabulous journey into the gap between our thoughts, where all the advantages of a more peaceful, stress-free, healthy, and fatigue-free life are...

Esther and Jerry Hicks
Hinta: 27,00€

Powerful tool for alingning with your core! Hay House 2010

Tipping, Colin C.
Hinta: 18,00€

Awaken to the Truth of Who You Are and Imagine Your Own 'Life Review'. A 'Radical Karma' Workbook. 185 pages - Gobal 13 Publications 2008

Willis Barnstone, Marvin Meyer (edit.)
Hinta: 32,40€

Gnostic texts of mystical wisdom from the ancient and medieval worlds.

Walsch, Neale Donald
Hinta: 19,90€

Is it possible that everything we think we know about God, and what God wants, is wrong?

Could humanity s ideas about all this be the greatest inaccuracies . . . ever? Would it matter if they were? The author of the multi-million-selling...

Sonia Choquette
Hinta: 22,00€

Grace lifts us beyond our own ability, inner guidance leads the way and personal gifts are both the inner and outer resources given to us to succeed at every step. Simply open this book and call upon your sacred blessings! MEDITATION CD INCLUDED...

Choquette, Sonia
Hinta: 22,00€

Our greatest purpose in life is to free ourselves of the limiting patterns of ego and soul that keep us chained to painful, disempowered lives so that we can fully realize the authentic and holy Spirits we are. This journey can feel overwhelming-...

Benjamin Creme
Hinta: 24,40€
Eckart Tolle & Patrick McDonnell
Hinta: 12,00€

Words on this wonderful art book are by E.Tolle, artwork/cartoons by Patrik McDonnell »MUTTS» - suomeksi »Kamut» in Hesari.. »Everything natural - every flower, tree and animal - has important lessons to teach us.» Enormously enjoyable book. A...