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Khempo Ngwang Pelzang
Hinta: 38,90€

Shambala Books.357p.

Brennan, Barbara Ann
Hinta: 33,00€

With the clarity of a physicist and the compassion of a gifter healer with 15 years of professional experience observing 5000 clients and students, the author presents the first in-depth study of the human energy field for people who seek...

Schultz, Mona Lisa Dr., Hay, Louise
Hinta: 19,50€

Many of us grapple with how to stay happy, calm, and focused in a world that seems to get more complex by the minute. How do we keep our wits about us, our mood stable, and our memory intact when our brains and bodies are bombarded with...

David R. Hawkins
Hinta: 26,00€

This, the eighth book in a progressive series based on the revelations of consciousness research, resulted from a group of lectures given by the author at the request of the original publisher of A Course in Miracles, along with members of...

Daniel Goleman, edit.
Hinta: 25,00€

Conversations with the Dalai Lama on mindfulness, Emotion, and Health. Shambhala books.277p.

Doreen Virtue
Hinta: 22,00€

Whether it's a life-threatening condition, a painful injury or a persistent health problem, Archangel Raphael can provide essential help. In this inspiring book Doreen shows you why Raphael has long been regarded as the healing angel. He is a non...

Philippa Lubbock
Hinta: 25,00€

Realigning Body, Heart and Mind With Your Soul’s Purpose.

Everything you need to heal and claim the life destined to become yours is already within you. This is the simple but powerful message at the very heart of Life Alignment – an...

Pitchford, Paul
Hinta: 39,00€

Updated edition. This book brings together authentic traditions of Oriental medicine with current Western research on health and nutrition to create the most detailed sourcebook available on planning and prepairing an optimal diet. This is THE...

Andrea Butje
Hinta: 26,00€

In this guide to safe and effective aromatherapy, Aromahead Institute founder Andrea Butje brings 40 essential oils’ unique properties to life for easy home usage.

Each essential oil profile contains thorough practical information (Latin...

Hand Clow, Barbara
Hinta: 20,00€

Vol 2 of the The Mind Chronicles / 225 pages - Bear & Co 1989

Louise L Hay
Hinta: 22,00€

A Beautifully illustrated gift edition of Heart Thoughts is a collection of meditations, spiritual treatments, and excerpts from Louise's lectures. »This is a time of awakening. Know that you are always safe. And also know that it's possible to...

Tipping, Colin C.
Hinta: 17,00€

This is a cautionary tale that every executive, business man ager and business owner should heed as a matter of survival. It is a dramatic illustration of how our unconcious hidden agendas can literally bring a company to its knees - without...

Emoto, Masaru
Hinta: 13,50€

Imagine if water could absorb feelings and emotions or be transformed by thoughts. Imagine if we could photograph the structure of water at the moment of freezing and from the image »read» a message about the water that is relevant to our own...

Hinta: 19,50€
Ulrich E. Duprée
Hinta: 19,00€

Take a moment to think hard about your relationships. The first one to come to mind may be with your partner or parents but there are many others in your life: relationships with your colleagues at work, your body, your past and future, your...

Neale Donald Walsch
Hinta: 25,90€

The experience that we call *death* frightens us and fascinates us more than any other subject. Walsch explores the process by which we end our lives here on earth, and what happens next. He asks the questions that we have all wanted to ask,...

Christian Kyriacou
Hinta: 24,00€

Do you feel at home where you live?

The House Whisperer takes us on a journey of self-discovery, illuminating our relationship with home. He explores why we live where we do, revealing how our matching patterns can support or hinder us in...

Linn, Denise
Hinta: 24,50€

Denisen omaelämänkerta. From the mundane to the mystical, follow Denise's inner and outer journey as she grows up in the most desperate places, travel with her as she comes under enemy fire in former Yugoslavia, is tear-gassed during antiwar...

Hinta: 22,00€

In this original and groundbreaking book, Dr Andrew Newbergand Mark Robert Waldman turn their attention to the pinnacle of the human experience: enlightenment. Through his brain-scan studies on Brazilian psychic mediums, Sufi mystics, Buddhist...

Hinta: 26,00€

Here’s the simple truth about Hashimoto’s: It’s way more than a thyroid problem. And even though it’s an autoimmune disease it is also way more than an immune system problem. Over time, it becomes a body-wide disorder. Most people are familiar...

Virtue, Doreen
Hinta: 16,00€

How to Hear Your Angels is a step-by-step manual on how to clearly receive messages from your angels and guides. The material was culled from Doreen Virtue's best-selling book Messages from Your Angels and from her workshops. Doreen has been...

Doreen Virtue
Hinta: 12,00€

How to hear your Angels is a step by step guide to get messages from your angels and guides. You will discower your own personal spiritual communication style. paperback.174p.

Tori Hartman
Hinta: 19,50€


This easy-to-use, step-by-step book will help readers gain a profound understanding of how to work with Tori Hartman’s bestselling Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards.

This book is aimed at all those who want to work with...

David Hamilton
Hinta: 19,50€

This fascinating book by cutting-edge scientis explores the influences of visualization, belief and positive thinking - and their impact on the body. He also presents a revolutionary quantum-field healing meditation, through which you can change...