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Innoitus tulee kukkien ja kasvien parantavien vaikutusten ylistyksestä! Taattua kaunista ja avaraa Deuteria. Julkaisuvuosi 2016 "Immortelle" is a word that few may know. It was unknown to me until I first came to Corsica where I became acquainted with this wonderful medicinal plant, the aroma of its oil and its strong invigorating effect. I enjoyed helping my friends distill an essential oil from it. The fragrance brings memories of mountains, warm rocks and views of the sea in Corsica. The title of the CD as well as the individual tracks have names of plants and flowers which have helped humanity with their healing powers for millennia. They even made life a little more pleasant with their aroma. Nature has always been an inspiration for me, its influence can be heard on my CDs through birdsong, crickets, the sound of mountain streams and ocean waves. This album is therefore an expression of gratitude to the nature of our planet with the understanding that the smallest flower may have healing powers. The cover image was painted by my friend Padma and shows the harmonious union of Yin and Yang, of male and female energy or, as in Indian mythology, Shiva and Shakti. It is a state of silence and restfulness in which healing becomes possible. CG Deuter

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