2012: Creating Your Own Shift

Huomioithan, että verkkokaupan tilanne ei välttämättä vastaa kaupan hyllytilannetta!

Edited by Adonna

The best information and insights from the world s most authoritative sources, providing readers with a vast cross-section of information and perspectives on the 2012 transition. One thing on which all the authors of this work agree is that 2012 will mark an initiation into a completely new consciousness and a divinely ordained new beginning for our world. Some discuss how to prepare for this on an individual level. Others suggest needed institutional reforms. Topics discussed range from the esoteric to the down-to-earth. Authors have condensed the body of their works into concise summaries, exposing readers to the essence of their unique knowledge and discoveries; many also end their sections with information on how readers can access additional details. This prophetic anthology explains what s happening in our world and what ascension is all about. It recommends ways to cooperate with the changes on personal and social levels. The book ends with inspirational visions of the future, mapping the way to a harmonious new world with more humanitarian priorities.

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