A Modern Prophet Answers Your Key Questions about Life

Huomioithan, että verkkokaupan tilanne ei välttämättä vastaa kaupan hyllytilannetta!

Harold Klemp

All of us need solace and encouragement at times. Where do you take your toughest questions for compassionate, straight-to-the-point, and even surprising answers?

In ancient days you'd turn to a prophet. Today there is a modern-day prophet who can answer your questions with good sense and compassion, plus help you find wisdom within yourself.

Harold Klemp is the Mahanta, the modern-day prophet of Eckankar. He says that your life is your personal pathway back to God. You are like a star of God sent into this world for spiritual experience. Your questions help you grow spiritually--in love and compassion. Become more godlike.

Harold Klemp's answers to the hundreds of questions you'll see in this book will uplift you and transform you. They'll help you see God's presence in your life. A Modern Prophet Answers Your Key Questions About Life is a guide to your own source of wisdom and deep inner joy.

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