Stress, fears and doubts BEGONE! (Free Seminar)

Most of us are so used to carrying the burden of stress, we can barely imagine our lives without it. We think it is simply an unavoidable part of living in the world, virtually impossible to avoid it.

We carry it like a hiker in the Grand Canyon with a huge pack on his back. And it is only when the hiker stops to rest for a moment and takes off their pack does they realize just how heavy it really is, and how light and free it feels without it.

However, some of us, even without it, may feel weird - as if something is wrong or missing - and decide to carry this weight back, only to feel uncomfortable again.

Unfortunately, most of us cannot just unload stress like a backpack. It seems to be inherently merged into the very fabric of our lives. It lurks somewhere beneath our skin, knots in our body which seem to be everywhere. It keeps us up late into the night, just when we need sleep the most. It presses in on us from all sides.

Everyone talks about returning to a “simpler” way of life, but no one seems to even know exactly what that means, or how to do it.

​The intention of this seminar is to inspire you to search for more, be curious and understand that you are the only authority in your life. You have the power to decide how much stress, fear and doubts you will allow in your own Life.

Based on own experience and on the work of best seller author Louise L. Hay, this event is a way to wake-up and move within yourself the power and wisdom you already have and fuel the energy and joy you deserve, even in limiting or fearful situations you may be at the moment.

About the speaker:
Karla is a public speaker and certified “Heal Your Life®” teacher, EFT advanced practitioner and certified assertiveness coach with international experience, coaching and teaching in well-being and personal development area since 2012. She is the only teacher in Finland and one of the few in Europe who has learned from Louise Hay at her last exclusive retreat. With diplomas on Positive Psychology, Work Psychology and training on "TED talk speaking", she has had life experiences that helped her understand how she was the main contributor to her own Life. Diagnosed with an "incurable" autoimmune dis-ease, she chose the most effective way of healing, the healing from “within”, and took this experience as a journey of learning and self-discovery.

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♥ Movie: "You Can Heal Your Life" - English Subtitles
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Torstai, kesäkuu 8, 2017 - 17:00 - 21:00
Vapaa pääsy / Free entrance, donation