MEET THE OTHER SIDE -seminaari Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn - maailmankuulu parantaja tulossa jälleen Suomeen

Suomeksi löytyy HENKINEN HERÄÄMINEN, kirja joka oli vuonna 2015 ehdolla Maailman paras kirja- kilpailussa!
Hänen kirjansa WHITE LIGHT e-kirjana oli maaliskuussa 2017 numero 1 koko maailmassa
Katso sivuiltamme myös hänen cd:sä ruotsiksi ja englanniksi.
Dear Everyone in “Sunny Finland”. (Yes this is how I think about you.)
Yet again I’m on my way to Helsinki and so much looking forward to my visit. Several of you have been in touch over Skype or telephone during the year and I thank you for that, it has been a pleasure.
Era Nova Book Shop still handles my meditation CDs and books, so please visit them when you can. Should they have run out of any of my products, please let me know so I can send it to them- or to you directly.
As you know I’ll be in Helsinki on 14.-16.9.2017. On Saturday the 16th I’ll do a workshop “Meet the Other Side” at Era Nova; Tuula-Riitta Leikkola will take your reservation. (
Looking forward meeting you again,
Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn

Saturday Sept 16th at Era Nova Bookshop (10:15 – 15:30)
Meet The Other Side –the Many Dimensions of the Unseen existing around you –and Within You.
All you have to do is to learn the formula
There is an extended truth existing right here and right now. You know it already but you don’t exactly know what it is. But at times you get the feeling that this Something More is very close by, sometimes so close that you believe you can almost catch it with your hands. But because you cannot see it and prove it is there, you move on, still wondering what it is all about. We live surrounded by a powerful world of the Unseen and Unproven – now learn how to “see” what it is all about. Learn how to connect with your many INNER dimensions to reach the treasures of knowledge living within you, in order to feel better and move forward toward new success and understanding your life.
Tickets 150€ in advance, 160€ at the door.

Lauantai, syyskuu 16, 2017 - 10:00 - 15:00